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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chiropractor, massage and stretching

      I've come to really believe in chiropractors, massage therapy and the benefits of stretching exercises.
The ancient Chinese said that when a tree is young it is supple and bends easily. When it is in old age it is stiff and brittle. A human being is the same way. As a youth the human body is supple and resilient. When it gets older it is stiff and bones break easier.  The belief is that the more limber and supple the body the younger and better life you will have as you get older.
    This makes perfect sense to me! I was also lucky enough to have lived in a place that has a Chiropractor school. Finding a good Chiropractor and massage therapist plus doing some stretching exercises on your own is fundamental to good health. I do not believe a chiropractor can cure the common cold but what it can do is help your immune system so your body is more capable of fighting disease and infection. I know from personal experience that a good chiropractor can help you become more limber and can help your spine and muscle movement. Your spine is the main highway of communication from your body to your brain. Its just common sense that if your spine is healthy your body is healthier.
     A good massage therapist does much the same thing. Helping build good energy and getting rid of toxins and bad energy. I also have come across by pure accident the benefits of reflexology and through that the benefits of essential oils. A good reflexologist can tell you exactly what's going on with your body by massaging your toes and feet. When you combine it with the "raindrop" massage technique it is out of this world and you smell so good after wards.  Last year, after a session, I went into a shop and overhearing a couple of people talking about how the Chinese restaurant must be cooking up something spicy  and how good it smells. Realized it was me they were talking about! Ha,ha!!!
     I urge you to find a good massage therapist, chiropractor and find you some stretching exercises. In a month you wont believe the difference in the way you feel.