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Friday, April 12, 2013

Try This For An amazing Day

 The night before think of 6 things your thankful for and 6 positive things that you want to accomplish in your life.  Then pray, meditate, wish, hope, imagine that tomorrow is going to be a great day.  As soon as you wake up SMILE and tell your self your going to have a great day, think of something good.
      Sounds like a lot of New Age woo-woo I know but this works! I've used it many times.

Do You Toss and Turn In Your Sleep?

    Sometimes, I toss and turn in my sleep. If you do the same thing; Its not a very good nights sleep is it?
     I like to think it is the person we could be if we could be our best, trying to get out. Its the only time our brain can't send out negative thoughts and limitations.
     Its not a very good nights sleep though and it can be frustrating.
          These are some things that might help;
                                      Celestial Seasonings makes a great tea called "Sleepy Time". Drink a cup before bed time, no sugar.
                                       Do some slow deep breathing before laying down. Inhale through your nose with your tongue against the roof of your moth and fill up your diaphragm. Hold it for a second, lower your tongue and then slowly let the breath out through your mouth. Do this about ten times or so.
                                      My personal favorite is Young Living Essential Oils, Lavender Oil. I put a drop on the souls of my feet and on my temples. Diffusing it is wonderful, not only does it help relax you but it fills the room with the lovely scent of lavender.
   All three of these are easy and natural and from time to time have helped me gain a very restful nights sleep.
           If you have any questions about any of the wonderful Young Living products in my blog please ask or leave a comment.
           To order Young Living Products see my personal web site at #1019691

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catfish Salad with Fingerling Potatoes

I came up with this healthy, tasty dinner tonight that falls right in with the New Plan diet.
                 I grilled a piece of cat fish seasoned with  Tony Chachere's seasoning, you could use grouper, flounder, most any kind of fish. I cooked the fingerling potatoes   half way in the oven and then threw them on the grill. I placed all on a big salad and topped with Paul Newman's Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Young Living lemon Essential oil.
   I like using the Paul Newman brand because all of the profits go to charity. Plus its a great substitute for regular salad dressing. If your on "Weight Watchers" salsa is a zero in the points category. Lemon Essential oil  is rich in limonene which has been extensively studied and is shown in clinical studies to reduce tumor growth. 

Beer! and the New Plan

  I'm a BIG beer drinker!
         Living in Colorado is like beer drinker heaven. I especially like the heavy IPA type beers. I knew this was going to be a problem with the new plan. Solution; Ft Collins Co, New Plant "Tread Lightly Ale. NOT an IPA true, but it is beer. It is gluten and sugar free. It fits right in with the New Plan, it is basically null, it has no protein, no sugar and no fiber. It taste pretty good with a slightly citrus flavor at the end. If you want a beer on the new plan this would be the one to drink. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weight Loss

  When I started this new program; I had gotten back up to around 232 lbs, after a month I'm down to 217. By the end of April and surely by the end of August I hope to have some pretty dramatic before and after pictures.