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Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Shit Happens and Some Times You Have To Make it Happen"

A friend told me that several years ago. Unfortunately she was  talking about helping karma by plotting revenge on a cheating boyfriend. I like to think of it in another way. Life is tough, no doubt about it. There are many ups and downs. I truly believe that the smallest of positive actions spreads out into the universe and brings back to you ten times the positive influences into your life.   I know it sounds like a lot of “new age” bull crap but actually the belief is thousands of years old. My life is not perfect..... life is not perfect. I have my problems, I get mad, aggravated, sad, depressed, I am also happy beyond belief. Because when things are not right, when things are not as how I think they should be. It doesn’t take me long to look around and see how beautiful and what a miracle this life is. We have ALL come through stuff bad and good, most likely some of the good was bad at times and some of the bad was good at other times. That’s the way of the universe.
            I can only tell you that my life is beautiful in so many ways. I can love people and open my heart to people and it doesn’t matter how they feel about me. In the last few year, life has become so joyful, I’m almost giddy at times at what might be around the next corner. I can only tell you what has worked for me.  I hope you find it useful in bringing joy to your own life.
         The first thing you need to do late at night, as your lying in bed just before you go to sleep, think back into your life way back even into child hood. Think about any action you have done that has caused any one harm, any one you were mean to, lied to or cheated. Ask for forgiveness.... if you don’t believe in god, offer it up to the cosmos, to a rock, what ever, just ask to be forgiven. Ask for the person you harmed to forgive you. Do this every night until your heart opens up and it comes from the center of your heart and soul. It will take time but it will happen. At the same time think about the people who have hurt you and ask to be given the strength to forgive those people and be compassionate towards those people. Do it every night until you feel it in your heart. Just before falling asleep, be thankful for the day that just happened, good and bad and ask that the next day be easy and go easy and to let good things happen.
        So..... there’s that part, now here is the part where you make shit start to happen or as they say putting out good karma.  This takes time.... is sometimes and often times hard. You have to start trying to live your life, as far as how you treat people, as if this were going to be your last day. You have to put out good deeds and actions. A simple smile and a little patience with a harried clerk. Letting some one go ahead of you. Holding a door for some one. Even things such as buying goods from a thrift store, using reusable bags at the grocery, recycling, supporting local business. When ever possible do something to help some one in their own struggle with life. These are all positive things.
       Be kind to the earth and the people around you and in your community when ever possible and the rewards will be spectacular. The hard times wont seem so bad, good people that will love and help you will be put in your path, when times are lean the things you need will come to you, your life will become rich in ways that money can’t buy.
      Well...... at least that is how it has happened for me, I’m still working on it. Don't take it too serious and remember to laugh AT EVERYTHING! Life is short!  Peace!

Something to Think About

Molecules awoke one morning to find that atoms were inside them, enfolded in their very being. Cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their being. And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being. You would then treat nature as you would your lungs or kidneys. A spontaneous environmental ethics surges from your heart, and you will never again look at a river, a leaf, a deer, a robin in the same way. 
                        Ken Wilber , “A brief History of Everything”