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Monday, November 21, 2011

A little love goes a long way

    I just finished reading Thoreau's "Life with out principles".  He addresses many subjects some good ones on government and other social issues. The subject I would like to focus on is the one to do with life's labors. In "Life with out Principles" Thoreau states "Do not hire a man who does your work for money" also he says "You must get your living by loving."    I know in my own life I've taken on the mantra," learn to embrace the thing that gives you the most difficulty". By doing this you will soon learn to love or at least not hate that which gave you so much pain. Oriental thought says to give as much love to washing the dishes that you give to preparing a fine banquet. I have learned to bring this to my own life and I think it is part of  what has brought sincere and deep felt happiness into my life. When you cook, clean or do any of those seemingly routine chores for family and friends it should be an expression of your love for them not a task that takes you away from the computer or tv. It should be the sincerest outpouring of your love and should bring a smile to your face.  You can decide and focus your thoughts and mind.  Its only work if you let it be work, if you look at it right it could even be fun and maybe a game.