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Friday, April 15, 2011

Try This For a Healthy Way to Start The Day

       Up until a few years ago I was never much of a breakfast person. I’m still not crazy about jumping out of bed and eating. That is why if I’m working I usually opt for a healthy shake of some kind.
         On the days I am not working so early or on my days off, I have become a big fan of cereal. Especially since my doctor wants me to get 35 grams of fiber a day in my diet. I like to make my own blend. I start with Fiber One and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Then I usually add one of the Post Great Grains. I like the one with pecans and then there is one with cranberries. Lately the local City Market has had some of Kashi and other organic cereals on sale. I usually look for ones with nuts, flax seed or pumpkin seed and dried fruit except for raisins. I am mentally allergic to raisins. Ha,ha!  I read labels and you should to. Try making a mix your own favorite cereals, have fun with it. Just stay away from anything that has high fructose corn syrup in it. Also a few years ago I started using soy milk when possible. It is healthier then whole cows milk. Recently I’ve discovered Almond Milk it has more of the good stuff that soy milk has and none of the bad stuff cows milk has. It is cheaper then soy milk and it is much better tasting. Also add fresh fruit, I love bananas and strawberries in season.  Try this and start your day off with fuel for your body that will last all day.