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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Initiating change

  When I left South Carolina, gave up most all of my possessions, I didn't really know what I was getting into. Working seasonal jobs is mostly young adults not yet burdened by what is called life these days.
       What my travels and adventures, such as they are, have done is put me back in touch  with who I was and what I was passionate about in my earlier years, before jobs, bills and relationships got in the way. I lead a life filled with the wonder of a child and all that there is to see and experience in this life. I consider myself blessed in so many ways and am happier then I have been in some time. Now I am trying to turn that to others by giving back. Coats for the needy, cans of food for the food drive. On a larger scale I have rediscovered the "Rainforest Action Network" and "The World Wildlife Fund".  I used to be passionate about these organizations. Contributing time and money.
      Our country was built on giving back and being involved. Before mass media,  people gathered in taverns and on street corners to discuss the topics of the day. If a families barn burned down, they didn't look for government assistance. Their neighbors were there to immediately lend a hand and rebuild.
      I hear a lot of people complaining about the job that Obama has done since he has been in office. His presidency, like Jimmy Carter's was built on a grass roots effort. The change he talked about was at the grass roots level.  I ask you where are all those volunteers now? What have they done to help advance the dream?  Obama and Carter told the people the truth and trusted the American people to do the right thing. Their failure is our failure because we as a people did not pick up the mantel and initiate positive change in our own communities.We as a people have become complacent and now look to the government, insurance companies and lawyers to settle all of our problems and find blame anywhere but with our selves.
    Our country wasn't set up that way. For our democracy to survive and  to thrive, it takes action and involvement from the populace. Other wise it slides more and more towards tyrants who overtax and overburden us with laws to protect us from ourselves and keep us docile by subverting our attention by making things like "Dancing with The Stars" or "American Idol" news worthy.
        I have written letters that have been published, been involved in a boycott that changed they way they fish the seas to save dolphins. I vote Libertarian as a protest vote to the way things have gotten in America. I'm not trying to point fingers or pass any judgement. I'm as guilty as the next guy at being complacent and being distracted by other things around me.
      But it is time to initiate positive change in our lives and each one of us can make small changes by being involved in our families and communities. I have 312 friends on Facebook. what if each one of us spent as much time volunteering in our communities as we spend on "Farmville"? What if we spent just have the time that we spend watching TV, writing letters and getting involved with our families and communities?
       It would cause a small ripple of positive change that would grow larger every time someone took positive action. It doesn't take a lot. How much does a can of food cost? Who doesn't have an extra coat or sweater? How long, especially now with email, does it take to write a letter about an injustice or even something remarkable good?  If you take action positive change will happen! More importantly by taking action, positive change will happen in your own life. I swear to you for every good action, for every positive thing you do to make things better, for every one you help, it will come back to you a hundred fold, your life will be richer because of it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


       I didn't quite reach my goals this summer, I haven't walked as much as I should and it seemd to be a really fast summer. Even with all the excuses I still lost about 112lbs using "Young Living" products and I discovered a couple of new essential oils I really like. "Magnify Your Porpose" and "Abundance". I have become kind of zen about the whole weight loss thing. It took me 50yrs to get this way and I am not going to get it done over night. As long as I am making progress and positive change is happening in my life, that is all that matters. After all I have the rest of this life to make it happen. Right?