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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


         Ha,HA!!!!!! It hasn't been that bad! I expected maybe a headache the first couple of days. I've had them before when I've done this. But no, not a single one so far. I did prick my finger and my blood was still sort of brown looking , so maybe there is enough residue in there, that my body doesn't realize I've stopped drinking coffee yet.
       I have to admit the first day I was in the local grocery store and drooled a little bit when I walked by "Starbucks". I didn't miss it at all yesterday. My coffee maker has an automatic brewer on it that you can set, so coffee is ready when you wake up. This morning I missed waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting through my little cabin. I also missed that morning cup of rich flavor. Other then that it's not so bad! Of course this is the perfect time to do this. I really don't have anywhere to be or any demands on me right now.

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