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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things Can Be So Confusing

    It seems like every couple of years studies come out and what was good for you is now bad and what was bad for you is now good!
       Just a few years ago; #Soy was the health rage. It had heart rate and cholesterol lowering properties with good amounts of plant protein. Now it is to be avoided at all cost! Its made from #GMO#Soy and its filled with estrogen and things that are harmful to the body. Same thing with eggs. OH!they were the cause of Americas high cholesterol epidemic. ESPECIALLY the yolks! Everyone was so "in" eating their "healthy" egg white omelets! Now; the news is eat an egg! The protein content and quality can't be beat and especially eat the yolk because that is where all the really good stuff is, along with the cholesterol! Turns out it may be Americas lazy, TV and sugar addicted, sedentary life style that might be the problem.
  All the nutrition and food information can be very confusing! Different studies will tell you different results on a lot of things!
   Here is what I think you should do;
           Always seek out new information. Never quit learning. This has also been shown to help protect the brain from aging and disease.
           Here is the one BIG thing to remember; WE ARE ALL different! What may work for me might not work for you. Research and find what speaks to you! I hope what speaks to you wont be cake and soda!LOL!!!  Its true though we all metabolize differently, we are all different sizes, different environmental factors. In this blog all I can tell you is what has and has not worked for me. I URGE you to try to educate your self, try things  for yourself, see what works for you so you can find your own path to wellness, Abundance and good Health.