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Friday, March 2, 2012

Science behind the WOOOO- WOOOOO

        For a number of years I've been studying Taoist Chinese medicine and healing techniques.  I'm very much a believer in how prayer,visualization exercises, attitude and how you approach something will determine its out come. Prayer and a positive attitude has helped me a number of times. Over this time I've read a few articles that actually support some of my Ancient Chinese texts. Scientific study supporting thought that's thousands of years old. Now I read a new book, suggested to me by a friend, that is called "The Genie In Your Genes" by Dawson Church that supports through scientific study that attitude and the way you process stress and the way you visualize the outcome of things has a direct effect on the way your genes work and process the outcome of your well being. I've always felt that thoughts become things, if you think negative thoughts negative things will happen. Through scientific study this book supports the effect of prayer, postive thinking and the benefits of massage and other methods not accepted by our normal medical academia. Check this book out it might give you the insight or knowledge you need to improve your life beyond your normal beliefs