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Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Not To Do

    "They" say it is best to walk in the morning. I'm to believe that we are all on our own rhythms and different things, times of day, etc effect us all differently. I feel best and get the most thinking out of walking by doing it in the afternoons.  With the coming season I get very busy and usually I'm out walking at dusk. Last night I was out walking in the last light of day, going up the last hill, I call the "Belly Buster". I'm carrying about a ten pound pack so I'm huffing and puffing a long when.... I suck in a breath and as I do....I suck in a big cloud of no see-ums.( I've seen a couple of mosquitoes, but hadn't realized that full hatches of bugs and no see-ums were out.) I gagged and spit but they were in the back of my throat, even a big swallow of water to try to wash them out of my throat didn't help much. I had that feeling of bugs in the back of my throat for the rest of the evening.
          You definitely don't want to suck in a throat full of bugs while your huffing and puffing up a hill!  HA! HA!