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Friday, November 29, 2013

Walking the Walk

             I have worked and studied and somehow been led to this very blessed life. I don't have a lot but I lack for nothing. When ever I need something, it seems to mysteriously come to me. I've gone from constant struggle to, most of the time what I do is play. There are several reasons for this; through my endeavors, faith, praying and searching, I have been led to a great place to live. I was led to Jerry and Cheri at the Bar Lazy J and thanks to them, I have been able to grow leaps and bounds creatively in my cooking. Since being led to "Young Living" my life feels more abundant and I'm healthier than ever. Its not perfect, there are blips, its not a perfect world. On a personal level, this past summer wasn't the easiest. I'm still struggling with that last 20 pounds, I lose a few, gain a few, but in the end I'm going in the right direction. even if its a pound every so often. I also struggle with who that old guy is in the mirror. It couldn't be me, I feel twenty years younger than that guy looks. But, everything has been rolling along the past few years and its a damn site better than where I was fifteen years ago.
           I have had a feeling that I have not been giving back enough. Sure, I give old coats to the needy and I support certain causes, but it doesn't seem  enough. I'm not engaged. Actively being engaged and giving back to the community is a big part of my spiritual and political beliefs. I feel I've been preaching more than I've been doing. If we are going to get big government off our backs than we all need to be engaged in our communities at all levels. I truly believe that the more good you do and the more you give, that the more you will receive, in so many ways. In the past year I've looked around and thought its time to come off the mountain, its time to come out of my cave of solitude and actively engage the community.
     I have been doing just that. Volunteering in the community dinner at Thanksgiving, participating in the chili cook off  to support the charter school, donating to the library, really taking a hard look at some of the clothes I have and never wear.
     I think we all need to do this. It really does give you a sense of well being and doing good, it does come back to you.
        Not to often during the winter but, during the summer on pay day, I'll buy $20 worth of scratch-off tickets and 2 Powerball tickets, a total of $26. I stopped for gas on the way home last night after helping out at the community dinner and just by chance scratched my gambling jones. The scratch-off payed $30, Powerball is tomorrow night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Benefits Of Carrot Juice

  I love carrot juice. Especially mixed with beet juice. Its a great liver detoxifier.
Here are some other great benefits;
 When it comes to the benefits of carrot juice, there is really only one thing to remember.
Carrots are a goldmine of nutrients.
Yep, carrots are wonderful and with the plentiful nutrients you find inside, they are essential to maintaining great health. You've probably heard that carrots are good for your eyes, and they are, but do you know why?
It's definitely worth understanding why the benefits of carrot juice are great, so let's have a look.
1. Vitamin A.
It's one of the highest sources of vitamin A you can get for use in your diet. You can get it from eggs and butter, but that would mean consuming the saturated fats that comes with them. Instead, carrots give it to you in its healthiest form.
But does this mean for you? Here is what happens when you don't get enough vitamin A: acne, dry hair, dry eyes, fatigue, insomnia, loss of taste, night-blindness and in severe cases blindness.
2. Goes with everything.
Another of the benefits of carrot juice is that it goes with almost everything. Whether it's mixed with spinach, apple, cabbage, or even kiwi fruit, carrot goes down a treat. This means less organizing recipes, and more time juicing.
3. Liver cleansing.
Liver cleansing is often thought to be the domain of beetroot juices, though it's also one of the benefits of carrot juice. It's extremely beneficial as it gets rid of the bile and fat which has accumulated.
4. Reproductive health.
Another benefit of carrot is the large amount of vitamin E it contains. This is wonderful, because it contributes to good reproductive health.
5. Strong bones.
Most people think of milk and dairy when it comes to strong bones, but the carrot has a strong beneficial effect here too, due to (once again) its high vitamin A content.
To really experience the benefits of carrot juice, you need to drink it consistently. The liver actually stores the vitamin A, so the more you drink, the more you'll notice the liver cleansing effect.
Want more information on the benefits of carrot juice? I don't blame you. This fantastic little vegetable is awesome if you're serious about maintain great health and vitality. For more information, check out the Benefits of Carrot Juice at