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Friday, April 5, 2013

An update and Meals

             Its been nearly three weeks since I started the new plan and I am seeing a dramatic weight loss. As of this morning I've lost nearly 15 lbs.  I'm walking at least three miles every other day and it is slowly turning into every day.
I am also doing 20 or so push ups, 10 before and 10 after my walk. That number will increase every couple of day or so. I'm drinking 2 oz of Ningxia Red in the morning and 2 oz in the evening, I'm drinking a protein shake a day and a shake of Young Living "Balance Complete" .
     This is all extra. I know I have a slow metabolism. the walking at a brisk rate helps speed it up along with lowering blood pressure and helping with all kinds of other health related issues. The Ningxia Red is just a wonderful antioxidant drink full of energy with out the caffeine and guarana that other energy drinks have, it is much more subtle and works at the cellular level to give you sustained energy over a long period time. The protein drink and the Balance Complete actually help me meet the dietary goals of the new plan. The most important part of this plan is to get your servings of sugar down to 15 grams a day, get 35 grams of fiber and over a 100 grams of protein. Balance Complete is vegetarian, organic, full of vitamins and nutrients, its low glycemic and full of fiber. At first it takes a lot of label reading and comparisons but it doesn't take long to find the things you need to reach these dietary goals.
             I am the worlds worst at getting up and eating breakfast. At this stage in my life I wake up pretty early and usually go to bed at a decent time. But I'm the worlds worst at waking up and drinking coffee for  a couple of hours before eating. Now by the second cup, I'm drinking a shake or eating a bowl of high fiber/low sugar cereal.  I've worked at night in restaurants for years. Although its been several years now I still like to eat a heavy late dinner. I'm eating some what earlier and lots of protein and fiber. If left to my own devices I'll snack a little and maybe eat one or two real meals a day. THIS IS TERRIBLE! My Mom said a few years ago that my body was in starvation mode and I think she was right, as Mothers usually are.  I was never hungry back then and often times wondered why I wasn't hungry. Now I eat 5 small meals a day some no bigger than a bowl of fruit or a bowl of cereal.  I seem to have more energy ( which will happen with weight loss any way) but  I'm losing weight and now if I don't eat a little something or drink a shake every 3 or 4 hours. I actually feel hungry! It actually a new sensation. Its enjoyable to eat again.


  1. Carb intake and the new plan; Carbs are measured in fibers and sugars. The plan works best if you only take in 15 grams of sugar a day and 35 grams of fiber. Its best to get the carbs in early in the day and your evening meal is mostly protein. concentrate on the numbers of protein at 100 to 125 grams a day, fiber at 35 grams a day and sugar keep it to 15 grams a day or no more than 5 grams a serving. Most sodas have 35 grams of sugar. The sugar is the BIGGEST thing to watch. They sneak it in on ya everywhere. I'm going to post some of the brands I have been using in the next few days.