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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Something I learned From A 7 Yr Old

  The other day I was helping some friends move. Kids running and playing about. During a break in the action I noticed the little girl hugging a tree. I went over and as she was hugging the tree, I heard her thanking the tree for making oxygen for her to breath and cleaning the air and being pretty for her to look at and on and on. I thought how sweet and how right. I found myself hugging a tree with her and joined her in thanking it. Seems silly but I think we should do this more often. No political agenda or religious dogma just the truth through the eyes of a child.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

notes from Hunt Camp 2013

                       Lavender- The miracle oil
    Hunt Camp is at 9000', its Oct and November. Its cold, dry and on top of that, as the cook I have to keep dishes washed. Lips and fingers, toes, nose and ears get chapped and cracked even with lotion and "Burts Bees".
   This past season in hunt camp I noticed one of my fingers was cracked, a common occurrence, I payed it no mine. Two days later I woke up and it was larger, sore, red and starting to ooze just a bit. I reached for the Lavender oil and rubbed a drop in it and covered it with a band-aid. Later in the day the band-aid started coming off, so I pulled it off. To my amazement, and I'm already a big believer in the miracles of Lavender oil, anyway, to my amazement the crack was all but healed up. you could barely tell it was there. I was truly amazed at how fast this really ugly looking break in my skin had been healed up. From infected looking to all but healed in a matter or about 5 or 6 hours.
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