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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thieves Oil

         I recently went to New York City for New Years. Two days before leaving I started sneezing and sniffling.  I immediately started rubbing drops of Young Livings “Thieves” essential oil into the bottom of my feet and then putting a drop in my hand, rubbing my hands together in a clock wise motion to get the oil molecules moving and then cupping my hand over my nose and mouth and breathing in three breaths and holding each breath.  I left for New York and ran the streets day and night for 5 days which included a six hour concert and a polar dip on New Years day in the Atlantic Ocean.  During the whole time I practically bathed in the “thieves” oil and felt great. I arrived back to my little cabin tired, broke and unfortunately out of “thieves”.  My body being totally worn out gave in to the cold and while I was down for a week when I got back I am convinced the “thieves “essential oil held off the sickness and in the end there were only two days during the week that I got back that I wasn’t functional.  I sincerely think that without the “Thieves Oil" the sickness would have come on much quicker,  possibly ruining my trip and being much sever then it actually was.

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