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Friday, February 24, 2012

Try this Amazing and Nutritious Juice

        I'm in the market for a new juicer. I had a cheap one and a while ago the motor burnt out. Now I'm looking at a really good one. I love to make my own juice. Better yet my body loves the fresh juice. I can feel the cells in my body swell up with all the nutrition and goodness that only fresh squeezed juice has. If you ever try the recipe below you will be surprised at the energy and the feeling of well being you get from drinking just one glass of this mixture a day. It is full of potassium, vitamin c and beta carotene. It also helps you hydrate and gives you a full feeling.
              Try this for a very nutritious and sweet uplift; In your juicer add  one beet, depending on size three or four carrots, three or four stalks of celery, a cucumber and a bunch of parsley. You will be surprised at the sweetness of the beet, or at least I was when I first tried it. One note: Don't be shocked at the red color the next morning when you use the toilet. Ha,ha!!!!  

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