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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walking and water for good health

I know I wrote, on my other blog, a walking man blog a few months ago. But enough can't be said about getting out in the fresh air.
At first don't worry about how far or how fast. I know a man near 90 that walks up and down his driveway everyday. When shopping at the mall, don't go for the "rock star" parking. Instead park as far away as possible. It will only take a couple more minutes. As you walk more and more you will find water helps. Many a time, while out hiking, I feel I can't go any further. I sit for a few minutes and drink some water and all of a sudden I'm a mile further down the trail. Drinking water helps curb you appetite and just like walking after a few weeks your body misses it if you don't keep it up. Just get out and do it. Make the change in your life. Its good for your body and mind.

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