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Monday, March 11, 2013

Recipe for Wellness Tea

  Over the past couple of years I have come up with a tea that seems to make people just on the verge of sickness feel better. Even people having a bad day.
                 Many of these people I don't see very often. For their good health and yours I provide the recipe here.
          For a cup;       1 Tablespoon Pu-ehr tea leaves
                                          *   Pu-ehr tea comes from a province in china that is know for the longevity of its people.
                     There are studies that show it reduces cholesterol , reduces high blood pressure and increases metabolism.
                                1 regular tea bag. I like luizianne,but you use any black tea
                                 2 or 3 drops of * "Young Living" Lemon Essential oil
                                 2 or 3 drops of * "Young Living" Tangerine Essential oil
            Heat water to almost boiling add the teas, cover and let steep for 3-5 minutes. add honey to taste usually about a teaspoon or so to a cup. Add the oils last .
                you can re-steep the teas three times, adding honey and oils each time. The second cup will be the best.
                        To make a gallon;
                                Use 8 family size tea bags of black tea such as Luizianne
                                1 cup of tightly packed Pu-erh tea leaves
                                 20 drops of "Young Living" Lemon oil
                                  20 drops of "Young Living" Tangerine oil
                          Bring 1 quart of water to just before boil add tea bags. I wrap the Pu-ehr tea leaves in cheese cloth. let steep covered for 30 minutes. Take out the back tea bags and let the Pu-ehr tea steep an additional hour. Be sure to squeeze out all tea bags with out bursting them.
                       Add 3 quarts of cold water
                      Add Essential oils
  You can add honey or other sweeteners to this but I think it makes a refreshing iced tea with out the sweeteners. I think it taste very much like the "Tejava" brand tea you can find in the stores
You can heat it but don't bring it to a boil or you will destroy the oils effectiveness.
          * Notes;
                   Buy Pu-ehr tea at good quality tea shops or on line. There are many types, I use the fermented black pu-her.
           You could replace the tangerine oil with "Young Living" Citrus Fresh or Orange oil 
                    Buy "Young Living" products from a registered distributor of which I am one.
          to health and happiness  

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