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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pushing Through Bad Times

            None of us are perfect. No plan is perfect. No relationship is perfect. No matter how good life gets there will be set backs. The Tao teaches us that with out the bad, the difficult, the bumpy road there could be no good. The bad makes the good that much sweeter.
          When you have a bad day, remind yourself that it wont last. Breath deeeeeeppppppp. Always have a favorite quote, antidote, song or phrase, what ever it is that inspires you, keep that close. Remember no matter how alone you are in your struggle you are not alone. We are struggling, each one of us on this earth struggle with you.
          Count your blessings. We all have them. Pray for better times and success, they will come!
 Endure and PUSH your self forward!
    In Peace and Happiness

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