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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't give up!

     Its been a challenging summer to say the least! July started out with kidney stones then my Dad died, I developed a bad cough, three trees fell on the family home back in SC, challenges with work as the season gets busier, I bought a used truck and it has a bad transmission, although I think the guy is going to make it right.
  You know, even through all that, even though I haven't quite shaken the cough and the status of the truck is unknown. I am feeling more energetic, more alive, happier than I have in a long time. In March; I weighed 232, I now I'm at 212. I'm feeling creative; last week I brewed my first beer and things are humming along.
     I can attribute a couple of things to this. First I want to say that with the start of the season, with the exception of a short bicycle ride or the occasional walk, I have done very little exercise. I attribute my success and my general buoyant good mood to two things the "new plan" diet. Low, low sugar and very high fiber and protein and "Young Living" products and essential oils.
    One note about the "new plan" diet; On this diet, I have found out the hard way , it is hard on your kidneys and you must drink tons of water. Take your body weight and cut it in half and that is how many ounces of water you must drink, or you run the risk of, like me, getting kidney stones.
    I'm not going to kid you. "Young Living" products are not cheap! But neither is the doctor and what price can you put on being happy and in a general good mood. It seems like after using essential oils, drinking ningxia red and drinking either "Balance Complete" or "Power Meal" on a regular basis for a couple of months my mood and energy goes through the roof and my cravings for junk food disappear.
    I've been using "Young Living" products for about 4, maybe going on 5 years now. For the first couple of years I didn't really try to introduce any body to them until I was SURE it was something I believe in. I'm here to tell you; you want to feel better? You want to have more energy?  Do you want to feel like you're living an abundant life that's worth living? Then join my "Young living" team.
      Right now I have one $30 voucher, which means you can get a kit with essential oil and ningxia red samples for only $10. #1019691


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