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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Notes On Hunt Camp

                                        Healthier Than Ever
             The first year at "Hunt Camp" I didn't sleep well at all. I had the wrong kind of sleeping bag, I wasn't used to the altitude.... it was a learning experience. Last year, I was sick the whole time. This year, I have felt GREAT. Lots more energy. It takes me about two hours to do the things I need to do in camp (besides cook dinner) between the time the hunters leave at 6 am and the time they get back at 6 pm. There is a lot of down time.... time for naps. This year, some times even when I tried to lay down and take a nap, I just laid there and never went to sleep. That's how much energy I had, even into the third season when it was colder and I wanted to spend more time in my sleeping bag! ha,ha! I generally felt good all the time. I even had much more confidence riding horses on the muddy, icy, snowy trails in and out of camp.
         So... the difference? Familiarity, of course leads to things being easier. My reflexologist over in Frasher is fantastic and I saw her a couple of days before going into camp. There is just one more thing that I've been doing on a regular basis that I think might have made a big difference.
     I've been drinking one or two of Young Livings "Power Meals" a day. To the shake I add a few drops of "Silique Essence", a drop of clove, a drop of nutmeg, a drop of longevity and a drop of DiGize. Just before going to bed I apply "Valor" oil with a roller applicator down the middle of each foot. Then I rub a couple of drops of "Thieves" oil on the bottom of each foot.
     I  really have been feeling great! While in hunt camp I turned 58 . Everyone I know that is my age are on all kinds of medications. I am pretty much controlling any issues I have through diet and nutrition. Don't get me wrong I still have issues and 20 pounds to lose but I'm going to get there.
     I did go through a bad time this summer where things just didn't seem to be going right, seemed like everything was against me. Everything comes in cycles.... right! With out the bad we wouldn't know the good..... right! The important thing is that it seems that life has come to a place where the bad times don't last as long. It seems the times of good and blessed and magical are longer and longer.
      A couple of weeks ago I started back on two of my most favorite oils, "Abundance" and
"Magnify Your Purpose" and after a challenging summer and a not so great year financially I really am feeling like my life is more abundant and more blessed all the time. Its just a feeling and I think a great part of it is from using Young Living products  
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