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Sunday, May 11, 2014


          I believe there is another kind of tithing then what the churches would have you believe. A truer more basic, more to the soul kind of tithing that has nothing to do with churches or religion. A tithing that comes from the heart and comes back to you ten fold.
        I've sat in opulent churches where it seemed every time you turned around they were passing the collection plate.  This has put a really bad taste in my mouth about churches and religion in general.
   I've come to a point in my life where a different type of tithing feels better to me and my soul. I feel it is better to give of your self directly to some one in need with out judgement or ridicule. Certainly there are people who make big incomes off of pan-handling and there are schemers and scammers of all types but it is not for you to judge who is deserving and who is not. That is for God or the higher consciousness to judge. You never know who might really, really need help, you never know when your making a positive difference in some ones life, sometimes with just a kind word, some patience and compassion. This is tithing of the soul and IT does come back to you a hundred fold.
         Case in point; I was just in New Orleans. It was a Friday night. My friend and I had just entered Bourbon Street from Canal St. when a guy who looked mentally and physically handicapped ran up to me. He came right up to me and asked for change. I gave him the fifty cents or so I had in my pocket. My friend, who has a whole lot more money than me, told me I was a lot nicer than him. I told him with out thinking that AHHHH it will come back to me. A little while later I stop and give some musicians a dollar out of my billfold. We go on and find a restaurant and as we are sitting down, I realize my billfold is not in my pocket. I rush back on to the crowded street with all its drunks and homeless people. I search and the billfold is not to be seen. I go back into the restaurant and some lady had given my billfold unknowingly to our waiter!!!! NOW, what are the chance that you drop your billfold on Bourbon St on Friday night and it comes directly back to you???? You can say this was a coincidence or you might could say that god and the Universe was testing the sincerity of my thought process when that guy ran up to me asking for change and then payed me back for doing the right thing. Say what you want but this is pretty good proof that giving from the heart with out judgement comes back to you! If your like me and don't like to give out money for fear of feeding someones drug or alcohol addiction then carry around candy bars or food coupons. Look through your closets for clothes and shoes you don't wear and give them away. All, most ALL of us have way to much STUFF and could help some body out by giving some of the unused stuff to those more needy.
           It works, give with out thinking or judgement.
                          IT DOES COME BACK TO YOU MANY TIMES OVER!!!!

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