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Friday, January 28, 2011


                   Tolstoy says "The definition of wealth is the number of things we can do with out."
          I find this to be very true when it comes to happiness. Some of the happiest people I've known had only what they could carry on their back. While some of the unhappiest people I've known had everything in the world as far as possessions go. I myself have given up a lot, it was a hard process, but I think that was mostly my own fault. But now I find myself in a much happier and healthier place and I think giving up so much is part of it. I hardly ever eat corporate food. I hardly watch TV. I couldn't tell you much of what is going on in the big world, except for what I research and write about. You know what? In my small piece of the world a lot of what they talk about and show on tv doesn't concern me. My life is a lot more peaceful and sane because I don't watch all that craziness. Most of what they call news is not really news worthy anyway and most of what is news worthy is sensationalized. I know kids that spend almost all their free time playing video games. Their days are filled with car chases and violence of one kind or another.  What does that do to someone's mental health? With all this constant bombardment of images of violence, sex and products you "Just" have to have, its no wonder that attention deficit and obsessive compulsiveness has become such a big thing with our young people. I ask you to disconnect go out side, breath deep, take a hard look around and ask your self what is it that you really need?
                   "Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body."  George Carlin

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