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Saturday, January 29, 2011


      I've been down many paths on this journey. I've met more than a few dead ins and made more than one wrong turn to get to where I'm at today. It has recently occurred to me that I have been reconnecting with things that were enjoyable , that excited and inspired me when I was at a much younger age. Before jobs, relationships and life in general got in the way.
    As a boy I was in the Boy Scouts. I was never much interested in gaining rank, in fact I was jokingly called the longest living second class scout, but you know, I used to love to go on camping trips and to summer camp. It seems I have fallen back into that, hiking and camping much of the summer when I'm not working. In the 70's I was a very, very, very small time radical but I was passionate about it, I thought I could change the world. I read all the leftest books, watched all the news programs and read newspapers. I wore a green arm band on the first Earth Day. I wrote letters to all kinds of people. I worked as a volunteer  on the McGovern Campaign and Carter campaigns. Passing put literature at the mills and factories. I seem to be reconnecting with that through my blog at  I hope people will read it and just like this blog I hope I can have a positive influence  in someone's life, but it excites me to just be in the process. Just the endeavor gives me hope and excites me for something better, pumping fresh life into my own life. It does bring joy.
          What were you passionate about as a teenager? What hobbies did you have as a child? I urge you to reconnect with what ever you found enjoyable as a child or teenager. It could be a hobby a subject, really anything, but I think it will bring a new enjoyment into your life. 

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