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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aromatherapy for Adrenal Support

 Using Essential
Oils to Help Adrenal Fatigue

Are you feeling tired all the time? Morning
espresso not giving the same lift it used to?
Getting that feeling that you've been worn thin
by your busy schedule, and you're just not
recovering? These may be signs of depleted
adrenal glands - a syndrome known as Adrenal
Fatigue. Thankfully, a few commonly-available
essential oils can offer support in regenerating
over-tired adrenal glands.
What is the syndrome of Adrenal Fatigue?
The adrenal glands are your body's most
important part of the endocrine system for
dealing with stress. These tiny glands, each
about the size of a walnut and the weight of a
grape, sit atop each kidney. These glands produce
important hormones such as cortisol, a controller
of your energy output, and pregnenolone, the
precursor from which the body's steroid hormones
are made, including DHEA, progesterone,
testosterone, and the estrogens. Pregnenolone is
has been shown to be a powerful memory enhancer -
it will make you smarter (possibly), it also
brings about feelings of well-being (hopefully)
and can enhance your ability to deal with stress.
Low-output adrenal function can have a variety of
common health symptoms, including insomnia and
depressed immune system function.
Many lifestyle factors can contribute to adrenal
fatigue, and generally these can be lumped into
the category of too much stress. Too little
sleep, poor eating habits, to little time for
play and family life, surgery, illness, injury,
and the excessive use of caffeine are a few
common causes. Modifying these 'habits' are of
critical importance for long-term regeneration of
the adrenal glands and returning their hormonal
output to normal levels. Thankfully, adrenal
gland-supporting essential oils can be helpful
in bringing balance and assisting in restoring
adrenal output in mild-to-moderate cases of
adrenal fatigue. Using these oils may enable
'breaking the cycle' of stimulant and sugar use
that created the problem in the first place.
The Essential Oils
Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy
to support adrenal gland function. Some are used
specifically for adrenal gland regeneration, and
others are used to give a gentle lift when needed
during the healing process - again, these can be
of particular help when reducing stimulant
consumption. These essential oils are best
diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the skin,
and are not to be taken orally.
Spruce Essential Oil: Spruce (and also
Canadian Black Spruce) is thought by respected
aromatherapists to support depleted adrenal
glands, and is added to blends which can be
applied to the skin over the adrenal area, or in
lower dilutions in a body lotion.
Pine Essential Oil: Pine oil has been called one of the most effective oils for fatigue. This
oil can be blended with Black Spruce for a
synergistic effect on adrenal function.
Cedar Oil: Atlantic Moroccan Cedar can gently
stimulate the body's metabolism without letdown.
Unlike the regenerating effect of the Spruce and
Pine needle essential oils, Cedar oil can provide
a long lasting stimulation without the side
effects of harsh stimulants.
Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint oil is
associated with many healthful effect; it's aroma
is clarifying and uplifting. As with Cedar
Atlas, it is added to adrenal formulas for mild
stimulation and metal clarity.
Citrus Oils such as Orange, Bitter Orange, Lemon
and Lime - These oils cold-pressed from the peels
of these fruits are considered to uplift and bring
about a light attitude. These oils also have a
relaxing effect - this combination can lower
stress levels - the primary culprit of adrenal
Essential Oil Recipes for Adrenal Gland Support
This essential oil blend is to give regenerative
support without any actual stimulation. The oils
in this recipe are fine for continued use, and
may have an effect in a relatively short period
of time. For a 30 milliliter blend, use 1 and 1/2
black spruce and an equal amount of pine oil in
27 milliliters of hazelnut oil. You may of course
double all the amounts for more. To use, apply
topically to the kidney area one to three times
These same essential oils may be used in a
gently stimulating body oil blend: Three
milliliters of both spruce and pine essential
oils plus two milliliters of Atlantic cedarwood
essential oil and another two milliliters of a
citrus oil of your choice. Add this to four
ounces of hazelnut or other carrier oil of your
liking. Use this all over after a shower. Caution
should be used, however, as the citrus oils can
be photo sensitizing; do not apply to areas that
will be exposed to direct sunlight in the
following two days.
Peppermint may be used instead of, or even in
addition to, the citrus essential oils. You may
enjoy this blend: six milliliters of spruce oil,
two and one half milliliters of cedar-wood oil plus
one and one half milliliter of peppermint in four
ounces of hazelnut oil or your favorite carrier.
This combination, if used without the citrus
oils, will not be photo sensitizing and can be
used all over the body.
Aromatherapy Can Help!
These aromatherapy blends have fantastic aromas,
and can provide support with mild and moderate
adrenal fatigue. The underlying causes of this
condition must be addressed at the same time for
long-lasting results. This usually means
reducing caffeine intake, dietary modifications,
and creating balance through exercise, friends
and family, and taking time for one's self.
Misty Rae Cech, ND, has a private professional practice in the Denver/Boulder area. She utilizes essential oils in her practice

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