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Saturday, July 5, 2014

It Shouldn't Be About #Losing Weight

        I'd like to re-evaluate everything about #diet, #nutrition, and all the modern day disease of man-kind, from obesity to cancer and bring them all back to one root source and that is our food supply.      
             First lets look at history; our grandparents and many of our parents generations didn't suffer from diabetes unless you were at high risk from genetic factors. I remember this as a kid. Few people had cancer, heart disease or high cholesterol even though people ate fattier foods. This was before the 60's when the word "wholesome" was used a lot. More on this on an upcoming blog post. Families didn't eat out a lot. In homes and restaurants most food was prepared from "scratch". There was no prepackaged, frozen, dehydrated, reconstituted, or food packages that sound like they have more in common with a chemical laboratory then my stomach. Food both meat and vegetables came from mostly local or regional farms.
      Then came the 60's; we were going to be the bread basket of the world and supply every fruit and vegetable to everywhere in the country any time of the year and month. First came the heavy chemical spray programs to produce the perfect non blemished fruits and vegetables. Then came the chemicals to help store, ripen and transport green produce all over the country. Then things sped up. We were going to be given an easier more relaxed life style all through chemicals. High Fructose Corn syrup was added to the mix to make "cheap affordable" food. Preservatives and additives. We were going to be living the sweet life, everything was going to be so easy, just pop in the microwave and dinner would be ready in minutes.
      Well my friends, we have been sold a pack of lies. If your not very, very careful your grocery store and certainly all fast food restaurants will slowly poison you to death. Diabetes is at epidemic proportions. Cancer and heart disease are prevalent through out our society. All because of the chemicals they are feeding us.
             Don't eat to lose weight! Eat to be healthy! Don't eat fast food! Eat as much if not all organic. Even meat! Especially meat! Eat a mostly fruit and vegetable diet. A juicer or blender is one of the best things you can do for you health. Drink juice you make your self. DRINK green smoothies.
    If you do this, I promise you that you will feel better. Physically, mentally and even spiritually.

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