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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Power of Music

                  Music is great it can be motivational and uplifting it can make a struggle easier.
        It was a beautiful spring day today and this afternoon I walked. For the first time I carried a pack with somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds. It was also the first time I took my I-Pod. I usually like to walk and ponder on things, but I thought what the hell. I had bought some new head phones on a recent trip to NYC and hadn't really used them much, maybe I would get a good work out. I turned the I-Pod to shuffle and started out at the usual quick pace I've developed. The first half is all up hill and although I kept my pace, I was soon huffing and puffing. I have a minimum of three miles but I usually do a little more even if its just a dozen steps or so. Today the extra weight was giving me an excuse to do just the minimum, at that point the music was good but wasn't really getting me going. As I was just about to turn around The Good Ol "Grateful Dead" came on and got me going. Walking to the beat of the "Dead" I walked an extra mile.  

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