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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why Young Living?

  My own "Young Living" story starts about 4 years or so ago. I was getting a massage and noticed a bottle of Ningxia Red on the shelf and bought one. The material about all the antioxidants and the "Young  Living" brochures were so convincing. I thought what the hell, if nothing else I would smell good. A BIG plus was the lady that introduced me to  "Young Living" is a R.N., that alone was impressive to me. The more I looked into "Young Living" the more impressed I became. I'm still learning. I became a distributor not to make money but for the savings and bonuses. I can't tell you how it has worked, my friend now, the R.N. I can put you in touch with her and she can explain how it works. Me; all I can say is that after using "Young  Living Essential Oils, the joy and abundance in my life is becoming overwhelming. I have a lot less "things" and money than a lot of people, but I feel like I have a lot more than most. Emotionally, mentally and ( getting there) physically. Its nothing you can hold on to its a feeling of wellness and abundance. In general things have been coming to me more and more when I need them to. This has never happened before, its the power of attraction I've read so much about. NOW, I just want to share it with as many people as possible. It doesn't matter if you order through me or another "Young  Living" distributor.
           I wish you the same feeling of Joy and Abundance that I'm experiencing through these wonderful products.
                   My only wish is for your good health and well being    
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