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Friday, November 19, 2010


The first thing we need to do on this journey to get our lives on this road is to come to some realizations. No matter what we do there are some things that we can not change and the best thing to do is realize this and to come to terms with it.
#1 Nothing or no one is perfect There is no perfect person, job or thing. We all have our faults and must come to understand them and work to improve them. We also must accept others and their imperfections. The thing is, we all carry a bit of darkness and a bit of light. We must evaluate each situation in our life and look for the good. Then we must decide if the good outweighs the bad. If it doesn’t then a change needs to be made. If the good is greater, then when things or situations challenge us we must remember the good and work through the bad or imperfect.
#2 Big things happen in small ways. Things don’t seem like they are moving in the right direction or fast enough but as long as you keep sending out positive signals and keep your eye focused on the goals, good things will happen.
#3 There will be setbacks. Everyone has hard times. Everyone falls short of their goals every once and awhile. When things go wrong, when you fall short of a goal, don’t get too down about it. Tomorrow is a brand new day. The past is past, don’t live in yesterday look forward to tomorrow and what miracle it might bring.
#4 Laugh and laugh often Learn to laugh at yourself and everything else. Life is short, it passes very fast and though some things might seem important right now, really the only thing that matters is how much you can do to make yourself a better person and to do what you can for others then let this spread outward to your family, your community, state , nation and the world. By improving yourself it sends ripples out to everyone and it improves everything.
#5 Nothing is Easy, it can look easy, if your doing it right it can look very easy, but everything takes time and preparation. See #2
#6 What you put out in the world in your thoughts, words and action comes back to you. We are born without prejudice, hatred and religion. It doesn’t matter if your black, white or purple poked dotted. It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Muslim or Jewish. When you were born and even now all you want to be is happy. I tell you here and now to be happy you must learn to forgive those that wish you harm. They only wish you harm because of human conditioning. You see its not peoples fault they are evil. When they were a baby they were the same as you. Learn to love everyone, for everyone is special in their own way. Forgive yourself and in doing that realize we are all imperfect. Give of your self to others in some small way and it will come back to you a hundred fold. It can be as simple as donating an old coat, a can of food, volunteering to work a soup line or picking up garbage on the side of the road. Small steps leading to big changes in your community and your life.

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