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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrap your mind around this

I almost included this with "realizations" but I think its really important to realizing your higher self. It might take a bit of thinking and sight to wrap your brain around this but, I think if you try, you will see it makes perfect sense. So, take a Deep breath, open your mind and try to follow this!
If you didn't have bad times, enemies and ugliness in your life, how would you know the good times or beauty, how would you know who your true friends were? When my wife left it was the worst day of my life but it opened doors and brought a lot of beauty into my life. Now I look back and that day was also the best day of my life. So..... it seems right to say that ugliness brings beauty into your life and hard times brings good times and that beauty and good times are made oh! so! sweeter because of the bad and the ugliness.
Learn to embrace the thing you can't stand the most. I love to cook but its not all glamor. There are shrimp to peel, oysters to shuck, dishes to wash and floors to sweep and mop. Try to do the things you can't stand with the same love and thoroughness as something you love. You will soon find out its not so bad after all

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