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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Air and Water for Good Health

      It's easy said you need water and air to live. But these days you have to be careful of the quality of the air and water.
     If you buy water then you must know that most bottled water is no more than tap water. Most of the vitamin waters don't really have enough of the vitamins to do you any good. Be sure and only buy water from an artisan well or naturally occurring mineral water. Its true most of us don't drink enough water. I suggest everyone carry a bottle of water with them where ever they go. Replace your sodas with good water. Flavor your water with a couple of drops of Peppermint oil or lemon juice. 

      There can not be enough said for deep breathing. Feeling stressed, irritated, at the end of your rope? Then sit and take some deep breaths. Breath deep into your abdomen, filling your whole midsection. Then let it slowly out. Quite your mind, concentrating on your breath. Do this for a few minutes and I guarantee you will fill better!

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