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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Power of Positive Energy

    Yesterday, I applied as a janitor at the library. It pays more and its about the same number of hours as the job I'm working. How dirty could a library bathroom get? Right?
    I was just thinking about how great that job would actually be if I got it. It would put me right in the place I need to be, to read, write and do research. I would be here almost every day instead of a couple of days a week.
    Some would see this as coincidence and maybe they would be right. But its funny, ever since I've fully embraced trying to be a more compassionate person, being more forgiving and loving with out fear. Trying to not judge others and trying to put out positive things in this life. Its funny but more and more good, helpful people are put before me, more opportunities are put before me. I know it sounds like a lot of WHOO WHOO and HOODOOO. All I know is I've been reading about these things I talk about in this blog for years. The Young Living Essential oils and products I've been using for three years. All I can say it seems to be working for me. I'm not perfect, things don't always work out, but more and more positive things seem to be coming my way.
    I urge you to try some of these things in your own life and see if they don't make a positive influence.


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